Calm Meadows: Book 1

Welcome to Calm Meadows

The unremarkable existence of 45-year-old Samuel Bell begins to crumble around him after he realizes that he is enamored with his 27-year-old wayward stepdaughter. Desperate to preserve their familial bond, he moves them across the country, but his infatuation only grows as he becomes her sole confidant.

Colleen Stanton follows her stepfather to the remote community, loathing her dependence but unable to abandon him. Accustomed to a self-indulgent lifestyle, she reluctantly accepts this chance for a fresh start with the man who has provided so much for her since the death of her mother a decade ago.

Founded on rehabilitation and self-improvement, Calm Meadows seems like the perfect place to deal with their personal shortcomings. However, Colleen learns that old habits die hard, and Samuel is forced to choose between suppressing his desires and succumbing to them. Outsiders in this seemingly idyllic town, the two come to find it is not the haven they hoped it would be as they continue to push the emotional and physical boundaries of their relationship.