Callie Lynn Rose has been fascinated by writing since a very young age. Her first complete “work” materialized in middle school and was, much to her embarrassment, Legend of Zelda fanfiction.

Numerous fanfics followed the first, touching on franchises of video games, books, anime, and movies. It was not until late high school that she began to really pursue original ideas, but she kept them close. Even throughout college, when her ideas spanned genres from science fiction to fantasy to western to romance, she was reluctant to share.

Her first full-length novel, A Hint of Chamomile, reached just shy of 100k words and was completed not too long before the pandemic struck. If anything, extreme boredom made her decide that perhaps it was time to start letting others read her ideas.

It took quite a while after that decision to edit to a comfortable point and finally go through with it, but 2022 seemed like a good year. She could not have done it without the support of a loving family and fur babies (more than one of which is guilty of climbing over the keyboard at the most inopportune times.)

She might be an engineer by day, but she is a creative at heart. When alone, she can often be found knitting, drawing, and, of course, writing. With a head stuffed full of ideas, she does not plan on letting the writing stop anytime soon, so expect future publications—including the next two Calm Meadows novels, the first of which is already well underway. Perhaps there will even be a few eBook only shorts?

Stay tuned!