Calm Meadows SHORT STORY

Six months have passed since Samuel Bell’s surprise promotion that seated him firmly as second-in-command of Calm Meadows, the quaint, isolated town where all the residents have some sort of shortcoming that needs fixing. He never imagined feeling so welcomed, just as he never imagined he would end up in a relationship with his stepdaughter despite his best efforts to quell the desire. He wants more than anything to be a good Second and a good partner, but things are not going smoothly where his own issues are concerned.

Colleen Stanton knows exactly what the problem is with her stepfather, but Samuel refuses to see it. Helping an alcoholic in denial is no easy task, so she teams up with the leader of the town to execute a devious plan to get Samuel back on track. He learns of her deception, however, and it causes an unprecedented rift between them. Accusations fly and past mistakes return to light as this conflict erupts. Their decade-long bond only turned romantic a year ago; is this relationship strong enough to survive such an ordeal?